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In today's society, it's important for people to become self-reliant and independent. Increasing numbers of men and women are finding karate as instructed by the experts at Reis' Martial Arts Academy to be the key to personal security and confidence.

The flexibility exercises, combined with the kicking and punching of karate workouts, also provide an excellent tone-up and weight control program that's far more interesting than most of the "do-it-over-and-over" routines that bore and possibly fail altogether.

Reis Martial Arts Academy Women's Self-Defense Classes

This is dedicated to the idea that every woman should have access to women’s self defense training. We hope to help protect women everywhere by offering this training in a positive and empowering setting. You shouldn’t have to walk in fear.

Our easy to learn techniques are quick and effective. There are no complex combinations, just quick and effective training in a controlled, non threatening environment. You will learn how to avoid potential danger. To run when you can and not engage, and what to do when you cannot run in order to escape.

Pressure Sensitive Training

Pressure points are one of the most widely misunderstood concepts in martial arts. Many different legends have been repeated over the years regarding secretive and lethal techniques. There is nothing mystical or magical about the existence of pressure points or their application in self-defense.

Pressure points are nerve clusters, frequently around major muscle groups, that when struck or grabbed can cause the nearby muscle groups to spasm in a painful manner. While there are many different ways of getting to them in a self-defense situation, there are a few steps to make it easier to find them when you need to.

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