Programs for Children

Little Kickers Program

Reis' Martial Arts Academy L.L.C. provides special classes for children ages 4 to 7 years. The classes are designed to teach your child the basics of Tae Kwon Do, using special drills and teaching methods. Class drills emphasize physical skills to help develop balance, coordination, and concentration.

Life skills are also taught, helping children to gain self-esteem, respect, for themselves and other, and self-control. As the younger student becomes more proficient at his or her karate skills, they then can attend other classes that are offered.

Little Kickers Promotions

Goal setting and rewards for reaching goals is an important part of the learning process. Because a young child generally learns at a different pace than older children and adults, the promotion to yellow belt may take a little longer. The Little Kicker promotions give your child short-term goals to strive for. The stripes are visible rewards to show their progress.

There are 4 stripe promotion stripes

1st Black Stripe Demonstrate their stances: attention, chumbi, fighting, front, back and kicking
2nd Red Stripe Demonstrate the round house kick, front snap kick, and side kick
3rd Black Stripe 1st half of chungi form
4th Red Stripe The rest of the form

Counting to 10 in Korean

1. hana 2. tul 3. set 4. net 5. da-soet 6. yu-suet 7. ll-gup 8. yul-dul 9. ah-hop 10. Yul

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