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Tiny Tigers

At Reis Martial Arts Academy we are extremely proud to offer our Tiny Tigers program for children ages 4 -7 years. This program has been specifically tailored over many years to build confidence, basic & fine motor skills, focus, and discipline in young children through the fun and functional medium of martial arts training!

Our Tiny Tigers earn higher ranks as they master their own martial arts skills i.e. running, jumping, kicking, balance, & focus! This special ranking system allows them to build self-esteem by earning rewards as they progress in the program and provides them a visible achievement for their persistent effort. This builds strong, healthy habits in children by reaffirming the positive effects of goal setting, self-control, & perseverance. We are committed to building strong, confident children through healthy habits and positive reinforcement. Once a child masters the Tiny Tigers program, they will be ready to join in on some of the other great programs we offer!

We provide Tiny Tigers lessons 5 days a week and the times are flexible enough to accommodate nearly any schedule. Family and friends are always encouraged to watch from our comfortable spectators lobby! We are always enrolling new students so don't wait! Call today to schedule a free, no-commitment evaluation for your child and get their marital arts journey started!

Tiny Tiger Program

Your child can obtain the following belt rankings:

- White/Yellow
- White/Green
- White/Blue
- White/Red
- White/Brown
- White/Black

Counting to 10 in Korean

1. hana 2. tul 3. set 4. net 5. da-soet 6. yu-suet 7. ll-gup 8. yul-dul 9. ah-hop 10. Yul

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